Sugarbush Resort - Lincoln Peak Homes

Budget: $8 Million

Location: Warren, VT

Architect: The Design Group

Scope: LN Consulting completed the MEP design and construction administration of the Sugarbush Resort Lincoln Peak Homes Project. The Lincoln Homes Project consists of approximately 30,000 sq. ft of conditioned space and approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of the covered parking garage. 

The program includes (15) homes and common support spaces. The homes will consist of multi-level townhomes with two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom layouts as well as single-level units with two-bedroom and three-bedroom layouts. The HVAC system was based on a water source heat pump system and includes energy recovery ventilators configured as a variable volume system with CO2 monitoring for ventilation airflow controls. The system will be adaptable to geothermal and shall allow future integration of renewable supported domestic hot water for the whole facility.