Stowe Mountain Resort

Spruce Peak Adventure Center

Budget: $80 Million

Location: Stowe, VT

Architects: Bull Stockwell Allen

Scope: LN Consulting completed the MEP design for the construction of the new Spruce Peak Adventure Center at Stowe Mountain Resort. 

The proposed facility includes a five-story structure consisting of approximately 210,000 sq. ft. The program includes a 90,000 sq. ft. parking garage, (19) luxury residential units, (2) restaurants, a climbing facility, locker rooms, retail space, an exterior ice rink. The HVAC system is based on a closed-loop geothermal system with water source air handling units for the commercial spaces and a water source VRF system for the residential units. 

Ventilation air is accomplished through energy recovery ventilators configured as a variable volume system with CO2 demand control capabilities. Water to water heat pumps were utilized to provide domestic hot water for the commercial spaces as well as heating hot water for the zone reheat coils and a 50,000 sq. ft. snowmelt system. A water source chiller provides cooling to the exterior ice rink. The lighting design includes high-efficiency LED lighting with an addressable lighting control system.