Jay Peak Resort

Resort Hotel II, Ice Haus Arena, and Pump House

Budget: $90 Million

Location: Jay, VT

Architect: Black River Design

Scope: LN Consulting completed the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical distribution infrastructure design for the construction of the Jay Peak Resort Hotel II, Waterpark Project, and Ice Haus Arena. 

The Jay Peak Hotel II project included a five-story structure consisting of approximately 270,000 sq. ft. hotel facility includes commercial/retail space, conference center, multiple restaurants and bars, exercise room, spa, ski school space, and 170 guest units and a 51,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark. The food service program included two restaurants, two snack bars, and a commissary. The HVAC systems for the foodservice program included multiple variable-volume new grease-laden vapor exhaust systems and associated variable-volume make-up air systems to support the Type I exhaust hoods in the food service areas. The guest units consist of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. 

The HVAC system is based on a water source heat pump system and includes energy recovery ventilators configured as a variable volume system with CO2 monitoring for ventilation airflow controls. The Ice Haus Arena is a 33,000 sq. ft. facility that consisted of an ice rink, ice resurfacing utility room and snowmelt, locker rooms, rental space, and a snack lounge. The project mechanical systems consisted of central rink dehumidification, energy recovery for ventilation air, and space conditioning through a water source heat pump system. 

The project also included the interconnection of the Ice making systems and Water Park Pump Haus mechanical systems in order to utilize the Ice Rink refrigeration system waste heat as a method for heating the pool and pump house water features.