360 State Street Apartment Complex

Budget: $180 Million

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Architects: Becker + Becker

Scope: LN Consulting provided energy efficiency and mechanical design assistance associated with a 500 unit apartment building with 50,000 sq. ft. of office/retail space in New Haven, Connecticut. 

The proposed building is 31 stories tall and is fitted with a high-efficiency heat pump system with an energy recovery ventilator system for bathroom exhaust/ventilation. The building is fitted with a fuel cell which will provide a bulk of the building heat, domestic water heat, pool heat, and building electricity. 

We worked closely with the design team to incorporate creative energy efficiency methods with respect to heating/heat pump system piping configurations, differential pressure loop controls, and implementation of occupancy and daylight-controlled lighting. We will be using a geothermal heat pump HVAC system for a portion of the building. 

The project is receiving a large green building credit from the State of Connecticut due to its leadership in integrated energy-efficient design. The project has achieved LEED Platinum Certification.