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Octagon Apartments Fuel Cell

L.N. Consulting provided electrical and mechanical design services to install 400 kW fuel cell to supplement building load to an existing 15 story combination residential/commercial building. This project includes revising the existing electric service to accommodate the fuel cell. L.N. Consulting is also acting as an agent to the owner providing all the applications to the local utility and state code enforcement agencies. Additionally, L.N. Consulting is working on NYSERDA grants and incentives, including one that implements the fuel cell as a emergency power source for disaster relief.

888 Main Street, Roosevelt, Island, NY, NY

Becker & Becker, Bruce Becker, (203) 292-4990

Becker & Becker, Bruce Becker, (203) 292-4990

Tri-State Mechanical

$3.8 million

To Be Completed 2011