Champlain College Aiken Hall Renovation Project

L.N. Consulting completed the design for the Champlain College Aiken Hall Renovation Project. This project consists of the historical renovation of an existing residence (originally constructed in 1895) to accommodate faculty offices. The building is approximately 12,800 sq. ft. The project HVAC systems include two high efficiency air-to-air heat-pump ductless split systems for cooling and heating down to approximately 20�F outdoor temperature and high efficiency condensing hot water boilers coupled to radiant ceiling panels for heating when outdoor temperature is below 20°F. The project also includes a demand controlled ventilation system using an energy recovery ventilator. The building lighting was designed to 0.45 watts/sq.ft. power density and incorporated complete occupancy sensor controls. The building is expected to utilize less than 60% of the energy of an ASHRAE certified building due to the detail associated with the envelope physics, HVAC system design, and lighting design. The project has achieved a LEED NC 2.2 Gold Certification. The construction was completed and the building was occupied in January of 2009. The building was awarded the Better Buildings by Design Award in 2010.

Burlington, VT

Michel George, Champlain College, (802) 865 5470

SAS Architects, Steve Smith, (802) 863-2227

DEW Construction

$ 3.8 million

Completed 2009

LEED gold