University of Vermont Given Building Infill Project

The Given Infill project consists of a new four story building located inside an existing glass roofed courtyard in the Given building. The project consists of 25,000 sq.ft. of office space with additional smaller renovations. We completed multiple rounds of energy modeling to determine life cycle cost effective approaches to glass roof modifications and HVAC systems selection. We also completed a computational fluid model for the smoke control system design. The mechanical system selected for the project is an under floor air distribution system which utilizes an existing modified air handling unit to provide the air distribution. The project also includes an atrium smoke control system, day light controlled atrium lighting, and occupancy sensor controlled lighting throughout. The project included the implementation of an energy recovery ventilation unit to provide more efficient conditioning of the buildings ventilation air. The lighting design achieved a 48% reduction in connected electrical load over the energy code requirements. The project accomplished LEED Gold certification. The project received the Better Building by Design Award in 2010.

Burlington, VT

UVM College of Medicine, John Evans, (802) 656-3117

Black River Design, Keith Robinson, (802) 223-2044

Engelberth Construction

$ 9 million

Completed 2009

LEED gold