Higher Education

UVM Interim ICP Spectrometer Lab Renovation Project

L.N. Consulting, Inc worked with Smith Alvarez Sienkiewycz Architects in developing an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectrometer Laboratory within the existing Perkins Hall. The ICP Spectrometer Lab is where chemical analyses are completed for various earthen solutions in order to determine erosion rates of mountaintops and riverbeds. The core function of the room is the spectrometer, which requires an extremely stable environment. This small lab is fitted with deionized water treatment, nitrogen generation equipment, gaseous and liquid argon distribution systems, and process cooling system. The project was efficiently completed within a very short time frame.

Burlington, VT

University of Vermont

SAS Architects, Steve Smith, (802) 863-2227

J.A. Morrissey

$ 700,000

Completed 2007